Basic Economic Security Calculator

Mississippi’s Basic Economic Security Tables calculate how much a working family needs to cover basic monthly expenses and build modest savings for retirement and emergencies. Using the Basic Economic Security Calculator, individuals select a county, family type and monthly savings preferences to see how much families require for economic security. 

After reviewing the budget of expenses and savings, scroll down to the calculator’s Wage Tool. Using the tool, select different job categories to explore occupations, county-level wages and the education needed to move towards that job opportunity.

To use the calculator, select the following from the drop boxes and check boxes:
1) County of Residence
2) Family Type (1 adult or 2 adult)
3) Number of Children 
4) Age of each Child (infant 0-1, preschool 2-5, school age 6-12, teenager 13-17)
5) Monthly Savings preferences.

Note on Savings: Leaving all savings boxes unchecked results in a budget that includes only basic expenses. To learn how much a family needs to build modest savings, check the “Include Monthly Emergency and Retirement” box. If boxes for post-secondary education and housing savings are checked, they are listed as separate savings goals below the monthly budget.