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    Released May 2015

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    September 22nd, 2015

    This week the Joint Legislative Budget Committee is holding budget hearings where agency heads present information about their needs for the coming year and answer questions from lawmakers.  Yesterday, committee members heard from the Department of Revenue, the Division of Medicaid, the Department of Education, and the Department of Mental Health.  They will hear from […]

    September 17th, 2015

    Too many Mississippians struggled to make ends meet in 2014, according to new data released today from the U.S. Census Bureau, highlighting the need to invest in education at all levels so that Mississippians can build a secure future. Our success as a state depends on opportunity for everyone. If schools aren’t given enough funding […]

    September 16th, 2015

    Mississippi’s improvement in health coverage was not what it could have been in 2014, because the state has not expanded Medicaid coverage to more residents who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. The Census Bureau today released the country’s official data on health insurance rates, which shows that 14.5 percent of Mississippians were uninsured in 2014, […]

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    May 27th, 2015

    Across the United States, many women face disparities in wages and employment while providing for their families and balancing child care and other family responsibilities. The growing number of families headed by single mothers exacerbates these issues.  In Mississippi, the prevalence of poverty, births to unmarried parents, and the interaction between gender and race disparities […]

    March 17th, 2015

    Big tax cuts that largely benefit corporations and wealthy Mississippians are unaffordable and will erode our ability to support schools, universities, roads and bridges and public safety. Big tax cuts will undermine our future by making it harder for the state to invest in the things that make Mississippi’s working families more productive like a […]

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